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B.Tech JNTU Hyderabad First year C&DS Regular May/June 2012 Paper

 JNTU Hyderabad University First Year May/June 2012 C&DS Paper 
 JNTU was conducted this examination in the month of June 2012. This paper is common to all branches. C&DS 2012 paper can be viewed below.

Code No: 09A1EC01 R09
B.Tech I Year Examinations, May/June -2012
(Common to all Branches)
Time: 3 hours Max.Marks:75
Answer any 5 questions
All questions carry equal marks
1.a) Explain and specify the interactions between various
components that support the basic functionality of computer.
b) Draw a flowchart to check whether a given number is perfect or
c) Describe various categories of computing environments.
2.a) What is type conversion? Explain briefly about implicit and
explicit type conversions?
b) An integer is divisible by 9 if the sum of its digit is also divisible by 9.Write
a C program that prompts the user to input an integer .The program
should then output the number and a message stating whether the
number is divisible by 9.
3.a) What is a storage class? Explain various storage classes in C with examples.
b) Explain the differences between call-by-value and call-by-reference with
suitable examples.
4.a) Explain how strings are declared and initialized in C?
b) What are the arithmetic operators that are permitted on pointers?
c) Writ ea C program to reverse the string passed as an argument that cannot
be altered.
5.a) What is self referential structure? How it differs from nested structures.
Explain with an illustrative example.
b) Write a short note on typedef and enum.
6.a) What are the ways to set the file pointer randomly in a file? Explain.
b) Write a C program t copy contents of one file to another.
7.a) Write a C program for binary search using recursion to find a given integer
in an array of n elements.
b) Illustrate the results for each pass of selection sort, for the following array of
elements 2,3,78,5,46,32,56,8,100,9.
8.a) Write a C program to demonstrate the operations of a circular queue using
b) Explain the procedure for converting infix expression to postfix expression
with an example routine.

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